Become a Certified R3 Method Coach

Are you a Wellness Professional, Health Coach or Enthusiast? Well becoming a Certified R3M Coach could be an excellent addition to your practice or a complete business in-a-box for you.

An ideal candidate works in health, nutrition and/or fitness and has an interest in holistic methods &  prevention. You are dedicated, focused and interested in growing a sustainable stream of income. You must also be interested in promoting programs AND health products (supplements, sports nutrition, etc).


What is R3 Method: It stands for Reverse Retrain Rebuild The Body & Mind. It's foundation is built on the 4-Pillars of Food, Fitness, Supplements & Mindset. Our goal is to not put bandaids on symptoms, but to quickly discover the root cause, pluck it & replace it AKA True Inner & Outer Transformation. We use a simple, powerful & proven system that has helped thousands who had previously tried everything to no avail to get results.

The Virtual Training

Day 1:

All About You: The Coach

All About Them: The Client

All About The Tools


Day 2:

Food History

Food Detox

Lifestyle Diet


Day 3:

Limiting Beliefs: The Root

Mind Detox

Day Designing


Day 4:

Business Basics

Marketing for Your Personality Type

Client Care


The “Live” Training:

(Upon Completion of the live training, you will be a Synergistic Kinesiologist. Upon taking & scoring 0ver a %70 , you will be a Certified Kinesiologist.)



#1: Muscle Testing & Corrections

  • Introduction
  • Technique Founder's Story
  • How to Muscle Test Accurately
  • How to Correct an Unlocking Muscle
  • Neuro-Lymphatic Points
  • Neuro-Vascular Points
  • Points Example – Supraspinatus
  • Meridians

#2: The Essential Pretests

  • Origin & Insertion Techniques
  • History of Kinesiology
  • Healing Crisis
  • Pretest: Anterior Deltoid and Supraspinatus
  • Pretest: Central Meridian
  • Pretest: Dehydration
  • Pretest: Switching
  • Pretest: Blocking

#3: Fourteen Muscle and Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 1

  • Body Clock & Meridian Massage
  • Supraspinatus – Central Meridian
  • Teres Major – Governing Meridian
  • Pectoralis Major Clavicular – Stomach Mer.
  • Latissimus Dorsi – Spleen Meridian
  • Subscapularus – Heart Meridian
  • Quadriceps – Small Intestine Meridian
  • Peroneus – Bladder Meridian


#4:Fourteen Muscle and Fourteen Organ Balance – Part 2

  • Psoas – Kidney Meridian
  • Gluteus Medius – Circulation Sex Meridian
  • Teres Minor – Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Anterior Deltoid – Gall Bladder Meridian
  • Pectoralis Major Sternal – Liver Meridian
  • Anterior Serratus – Lung Meridian
  • Fascia Lata – Large Intestine Meridian
  • Over Energy Condition

#5: Communication and Emotional Stress Release

  • Stresses that cause a body to go out of balance
  • The Two Models For Health
  • The Triad of Health
  • The Diamond of Health
  • Clearing Emotions
  • Unknown Aspects of Communication
  • How to remove the stress of a past Incident
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

#6: Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 1

  • Hyoid Test & Correction
  • Anterior Gaits Test & Correction
  • Lateral Gaits Test & Correction
  • Posterior Gaits Test & Correction
  • Contra-Lateral Gaits Test & Correction


#7: Applied Kinesiology Centering Corrections 2

  • Cloacals General Test
  • Anterior Cloacals Test
  • Anterior Cloacals Correction
  • Posterior Cloacals Test
  • Posterior Cloacals Correction

#8: Applied Kinesiology Ileocecal Valve and Houston Folds Test & Correction

  • The Ileocecal Valve
  • The Houston Folds
  • Valve & Folds – Stuck Open or Stuck Closed
  • The Ileocecal Valve Test & Correction
  • The Houston Folds Test & Correction

#9: Back Muscles

  • Back Pain: The 3 Most Important Muscles
  • Quadratus Lumborum – Test
  • Quadratus Lumborum – Correction
  • Sacrospinalis – Test
  • Sacrospinalis – Correction
  • Piriformis – Test
  • Piriformis – Correction


#10: Muscle Testing Food

  • Food – Strengthening, Neutral or Weakening
  • How to Test if a Food is Negative
  • How to Test if a Food is Positive
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Indicator Change
  • How Long to Give Up a Particular Food
  • Testing Which Brand to Buy
  • Testing Substances Which Are Not Eaten

#11: The Wernicke’s Correction

  • Worth Millions! Instantly remove self-sabotage commands in your brain that are holding you back and keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Never before taught outside Australia.

#12: Identifying the Cause of Problems.

  • Talking to the body
  • Finger modes
  • Emotional Causes
  • Electrical Causes
  • Nutritional & Chemical Causes
  • Physical Causes
  • Candida Correction
  • Protecting Your Energy

The entire Hybrid 4-Day “Live” Training & 4-Day Virtual Training is $2,700

Email us at to schedule your 20-min Introduction & Business Review to make sure we're in alignment & are a good fit with your goals/mission.