R3 Method Challenge: The Ultimate Weightloss & Inner Bliss Program

Step 1. Emotional Fitness: Emotional Blockage Discovery & Release Therapy

Includes a guided emotional discovery & release session & a 20-day Mind Detox Transformation Audio System to live your life as your TRUE SELF vs your IMPOSTER SELF

Step 2. Physical Fitness: On-demand Daily Fast-Sculpting 4-min R3 Workout Videos

You'll have full access to a library of our Fast-Sculpting R3 Method fitness workouts that you can complete in just 4 minutes per day at home, gym or on vacation.

Step 3. Infusion Therapy: Custom Detox & Supplementation:

My simple definition of Detox: A focused, short-duration dedicated to Releasing stored fat, toxins & negative emotions while Restoring nutriton, energy & your 'true' self AKA Releasing what Weakens & Restoring what Strengthens. During this phase, we will find out everything that's been weakening your body & mind & release it. We will then start you on a simple-to-follow 12-day eating detox. Afterwords you will go to Step 4 for your lifestyle eating plan. You will revisit this phase towards the end of your 6-wk challenge to do a final 3-day detox.

Step 4. Nutritional Therapy: R3 Diet Lifestyle Eating Mastery:

80% of dieters yo/yo back in forth in their weight because they never master successful day-to-day healthy eating. NO MORE! During this step we show you exactly what you can eat on our preferred lifestyle diet, the R3 Diet. You will learn the most effective way to grocery shop, how to make fast, tasty & healthy meals & how to continue eating your favorite meals yet keep the weight off. You will never need to read another diet book in your life. You will never fear food, eating or experience guilt or complexity around eating again.

Step 5. Self-Love Therapy: Habit Switching:

You dont need discipline to live a healthy lifestyle....you need habit switching. Want proof? Take a look at every area of your life that you are unsatisfied with & you will see a subset of bad habits attached to it. Many bad habits stem from feelings of unworthiness. During this step we take your worse habits and replace them with simple, loving, self-care therapies that you can do in as little as 4 minutes/day. They literally will change your life as you know it in just days, NOT years! There are 7 billion people in the world and only 1 you so let us assist you in loving yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Step 6. Soul Therapy: Holistic Day Designing:

Yesterday is gone & tomorrow doesn't yet exist. When we maximize the power of NOW, we are doing Soul Therapy work. We are going to help you design your day holistically. Holistic just means developing the whole person, inner & outer. Most people have only been taught to plan their day (which is an accumulation of NOW moments) with just an outer focus. Because of this many do not feel complete or purposeful...you just feel stressed & unfulfilled. Many never spend focused time nourishing their soul or even know what their soul wants to express. Once you learn how to design your day holistically & experience the infinite benefits from it, you will wonder how you went through your days any other way before it.

What else does the R3 Method Challenge include?

  • -The Getting Started Workshop
  • You receive nutrition instructions
  • -R3 Method Day Designer
  • -R3 Diet Book (The ONLY detox & lifestyle diet book you’ll ever need)
  • -R3 Detox Tea (Creates lipolysis (breakdown of fat) in belly, thighs & arms/cleanses the organs, tissues & blood/suppreses appetite)
  • - Private Online Community with like-minded individuals (Meal Pic Sharing/Accountability/Socializing)
  • -Weekly "live" Group Coaching Webinar
  • -Detox Personality Type Analysis
  • -Kitchen Detox Series

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